Chicago Streetscape

Location: Chicago Lawn, Chicago
Client: Withheld
Scope: Urban Design
Progress/Year: in-Progress, 2023

The Chicago Streetscape is a public realm project dedicated to revitalizing a neighborhood commercial corridor. This transformative initiative reimagines sidewalks as vibrant spaces for neighborhood enjoyment, fostering a lively atmosphere for all. Serving as a public amenity accessible to everyone, the Streetscape is designed to cater to a diverse, multi-cultural, and intergenerational community, providing a hub for hanging out, walking, running, meeting, and shopping. The project prioritizes safety and security to catalyze community growth. By creating safe and secure spaces, the Chicago Streetscape becomes a catalyst for economic development, encouraging residents to come together in thriving communal areas. Additionally, the design incorporates elements that honor collective memory, fostering a sense of pride and identity within the neighborhood. This architectural endeavor seeks not only to reshape physical spaces but also to promote a strong and connected community in the heart of the neighborhood.