Recently, we’ve been interested in the architectural implications of night: what occurs, flickers, transpires, is built or destroyed, in the hours of darkness? Who do you break the law with? What wakes at twilight? Can night be an allegory for entering into the subconscious and uncanny territories of the built environment and lived experience?

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The Circus is a traveling event space for exhibiting and experiencing works of art and architecture on the back of a truck. The Circus began as a winning entry of WorldWide Storefront, a Storefront for Art and Architecture project which networked 10 galleries globally. In 2014-2015, the Circus for Construction traveled to different cities, including Ithaca, Buffalo, Boston and New York, to host events and exhibitions on local issues.

With Larisa Ovalles, Ben Widger and Ashley Mendelsohn
Commissioner: Storefront for Art and Architecture, World Wide Storefront

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Chicago, IL