Cottage Grove Workshops

Location: Grand Crossing, Chicago
Client: Max Davis Studios
Scope: Architecture
Progress/Year: 2023 - In Progress

This project is the build-out of a makerspace for Max Davis Group: a cutting-edge digital manufacturing facility on S. Cottage Grove. This transformative hub, positioned to become Chicago's sole Black-owned digital fabrication space, encompasses CNC milling, laser cutting, metalwork, 3D printing, and more. Tailored maker-spaces are designed to empower underrepresented fabricators, fostering a collaborative cluster for cross-disciplinary innovation. The project envisions the revitalization of the vacant lot, establishing a dynamic business and industry hub that contributes to the vibrancy of Grand Crossing while pioneering innovation in the heart of Chicago. Notably, the facility is designed to be constructed with the SteelMaster building system, drawing inspiration from the iconic quonset hut design. This prefabricated steel structure will facilitate on-site fabrication, seamlessly integrating sustainability and efficiency as a building strategy.