“Curating Collective Space”
Futures of the Architectural Exhibition

Ann Lui 
Reto Geiser and Michael Kubo, eds. Futures of the Architectural Exhibition: Mario Ballesteros, Giovanna Borasi, Ann Lui, Ana Miljacki, Zoë Ryan, Martino Stierli, Shirley Surya in Conversation with Students
Park Books, 2021

“Perhaps other forms of curatorial practice might have the freedom to ignore these dimensions of the built environment—to treat spaces in abstraction and expect the audience to suspend disbelief about the context they’re in and get lost in the work. But I think the second you ask people to take on architectural space discursively, you’re saying that drawings, materials, and the ways in which things are built have meaning. You have a burden to engage the space you’re in discursively if that’s the way you want people to think about architecture practice. This is a way of thinking, looking, and working that can apply anywhere. All buildings, let’s say, have both fraught and wonderful histories. ”

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