Humboldt Apartments

Location: Logan Square, Chicago
Client: Stocking Urban
Scope: Architecture (Renovation)
Progress/Year: Completed, 2022
Photography: Ross Floyd

Humboldt Apartments is the renovation of a multi-unit apartment building Logan Square, using strategic material interventions and pops of color to create contemporary living spaces. In the upstairs apartments, selective demolition reorganized floorplans into bright, open, light-filled living spaces. Living rooms are connected to open kitchens, with bold blue screens separating the different areas; the screens function as both utilitarian spaces for hanging personal items as well as visual dividers. Each level has a different shade of blue, with color matched backsplashes and bathroom interior. A basement space is transformed into a new dwelling unit, with efficient spaces. A dark grey screen creates a multi-purpose space at the entry for coats or decor.