Justice of the Pies

Location: Avalon Park, Chicago
Client: Justice of the Pies
Scope: Architecture
Progress/Year: Complete, 2023
Photography: Ross Floyd

This project, located at 1500-02 E. 87th Street, is the renovation of an existing building into the first retail location for the Justice of the Pies bakery. Situated in Avalon Park, Chicago, the new home of Justice of the Pies aims to be a social  mission in a culinary art form. This 3,500 SF mid-century building is transformed into a community asset. The building was renovated to include a commercial bakery, an exhibition kitchen, a retail space, outdoor seating, as well as back of house offices, storage, and conference rooms. The design emphasized the “curb appeal” of the retail space in the Avalon neighborhood. Justice of the Pies was previously operating from incubator The Hatchery’s commercial kitchens, and in addition to shipping pies to individuals and markets, the bakery activates its signature I KNEAD LOVE Workshop several times a year. The one-day workshop provides elementary-aged children from lower-income communities instruction on nutritional development, acquiring basic cooking skills, and encouraging creativity in the kitchen. Providing an equitably and comfortable environment with a focus on people with disabilities was a priority to the client, resulting in interventions in finishes, signage, circulation and furniture. Incorporating large operable windows adds to the feeling of visual accessibility and provides generous natural light.