Location: South Shore, Chicago
Client: Donnell Digby
Scope: Architecture (Interiors)
Progress/Year: 2020–Ongoing

Future Firm led the design and provided full architectural services for the interior build-out of a restaurant space at the Chicago Landmark, South Shore Cultural Center, for a new restaurant “Nafsi.” The restaurant is located in the location of the former restaurant The Parrot Cage; in the original use of the building, the room served as the men’s cafeteria. The space includes a dining area (~1,000 sf), a kitchen (525 sf), an outdoor patio, and additional space in the building basement including a prep area, walk-in cooler, office area, and staff lockers. The scope of this project includes the “front of house” design for the restaurant, including the dining area and outdoor patio. The project design was reviewed closely by Chicago Park District in order to honor the historic character of the space, while bringing a contemporary and culturally-diverse atmosphere to the new brand. The architectural work included archival research of historic images of the space in order to identify newer, recently added elements to be selectively removed. Decorative elements from the original space will be restored according to research.