Pivot North Lawndale

Location: North Lawndale, Chicago
Client: The Michaels Organization & New Covenant Community Development Corporation
Scope: Architecture
Progress/Year: Proposed, 2022

PIVOT North Lawndale, a finalist in Invest South/West, is a nexus of economic development, community engagement, and amenity-rich housing that aligns with the community’s vision for the future of their neighborhood. The project’s name, PIVOT, is meant to reflect the community’s journey as it pivots away from a past of disinvestment and moves toward a more vibrant future. It is also meant to represent the project’s key role in catalyzing lasting change. PIVOT North Lawndale will include 54 units of mixed-income housing, four retail spaces for local businesses, programmed public spaces for residents and neighbors to gather and a large business incubator operated by New Covenant CDC.

The project is envisioned as a neighborhood hub, bringing together North Lawndale’s residents and connecting them with strong, community-led initiatives in a vibrant place to live, shop, and gather. The massing hinges on a response to site - the adjacent built environment, magnificent views, and a greater neighborhood fabric of community institutions. PIVOT North Lawndale’s dynamic presence highlights the unmistakable identity of North Lawndale, and becomes a strong anchor for the evolving neighborhood and the community at large.