Revolution Workshop

Location: Garfield Park, Chicago
Client: Revolution Workshop
Scope: Architecture
Progress/Year: 2022–Ongoing

This project is the renovation of Revolution Workshop’s current warehouse building to better meet current and future needs of this revolutionary organization. The project combines the existing 7,000 sf the organization is already occupying with an adjacent recently vacated adjacent space of approximately 5,000 sf, in two long span bow-truss buildings formerly used as a soda factory. The design aims to create a flagship location: an iconic headquarters for Revolution Workshop that is a hub for the organization’s activities which showcases the breadth and impact of the RW’s work.

The design focuses on creating urgently needed spaces for the Revolution Community: highly functional and flexible shop space, engineered for the future of construction; welcoming and contemporary office space, to support staff and social services; and bold, collaborative environments for trainees to learn, build, and come together. All of these spaces are designed with RW’s preference for functional, welcoming aesthetics in mind: industrial materials mix with pops of color to create a unique palette. By re-organizing the building’s floor plan and organization to run east-west, the main shop becomes larger and more flexible, as well as with direct access to sidewalk dock doors. New openings in the building’s exterior west wall and skylights allow for natural light in the building. New mezzanines take advantage of the building’s height and spacious structure, as well as create unique overlooks for trainee community-building and office break-outs. Most importantly, the project design aims to maintain and cultivate the vibrant culture of Revolution Workshop, creating spaces that foregrounds building trust and collaboration within its community and in the construction industry at large.