The Revival Theater

Location: South Loop, Chicago
Client: The Revival Theater
Scope: Architecture
Progress/Year: Under construction, 2023

The Revival theater, an improv institution known for its in-person classes benefiting individuals ranging from academics and entrepreneurs to salespeople and civil servants, has expanded its footprint with a new location in the South Loop. Housed in a one-story masonry building that played a role in Chicago's silent film production industry in the early 20th century, this project involves both build-out and upgrades to building systems. Beyond traditional improv classes, The Revival offers workshops that transcend the performing arts realm, presenting a unique and effective approach to addressing critical objectives for groups of all sizes. The workshops, conducted both in person and via Zoom, exemplify The Revival's commitment to providing a challenging, enjoyable, and immersive curriculum in a safe, collaborative environment. This expansion not only underscores The Revival's dedication to personal and professional growth but also breathes new life into a historically significant space.