Uptown Food Exchange

Location: Uptown, Chicago
Client: Confidential
Scope: Architecture (Renovation)
Progress/Year: In-Progress, 2023

The Uptown Food Exchange project stands as a transformative initiative poised to rejuvenate the Uptown neighborhood while honoring the authentic culinary heritage of the Asian community.  The project’s core focus revolves around establishing a vibrant food market, showcasing an array of food stalls representing diverse Asian countries and heritages including Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Laotian. The development will serve as a crucial bridge, strategically connecting Uptown’s Asia on Argyle corridor with the Uptown Entertainment district, aligning with the vision of community leaders and fulfilling a longstanding need of a more connected Uptown. The proposed design reinvigorates a vacant two-story commercial building situated at the heart of the Uptown Entertainment District. The distinct architectural approach not only pays homage to its Asian heritage but also serves as a cultural bridge connecting the Uptown Entertainment District and Asia on Argyle.

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