Violation City   

Ann Lui & Craig Reschke
Caroline Acheatel, Paul J. Lorenz, Paul Rasmussen and Alexander Stagge, eds., Perspecta 54 “Onus”
MIT Press, 2020

“What is the role of architects in this ongoing push-and-pull between regulation and compliance—an endless war against crumbling parapets and missing smoke detectors—with the city’s residents caught in the middle? Building violations work is unglamorous for architects: ungainly in execution, requiring bureaucratic paperwork, rarely producing magazine-worthy photography and poorly paid. However, the fifth most issued building violation since 2006, with over 16,211 occurrences, is the require-ment to “Submit plans prepared, signed, and sealed by a licensed architect or registered structural engineer for approval and obtain permit. (13-32-010, 13-32-040, 13-40-010, 13-40-020).”

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