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Ann Lui, “Curating Collective Space” in Reto Geiser and Michael Kubo, Futures of the Architectural Exhibition: Mario Ballesteros, Giovanna Borasi, Ann Lui, Ana Miljacki, Zoë Ryan, Martino Stierli, Shirley Surya in Conversation with Students (Park Books, 2023) Full Book ︎︎︎

Ann Lui and Craig Reschke, “Goodbye to the Amber Glow,” in Iker Gil, ed., Nocturnal Landscapes (Chicago: Mas Context, 2021).
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Ann Lui and Craig Reschke, “Violation City,” in Caroline Acheatel, Paul J. Lorenz, Paul Rasmussen and Alexander Stagge, eds., Perspecta 54 “Onus” (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2020).
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Ann Lui, “Toward an Office of the Public Architect,” in Bryony Roberts, ed., Log 48 “Expanding Modes of Practice” (New York: Anyone Corporation, 2020).
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Craig Reschke, “From documents to directives,” in Bradley Cantrell and Adam Mekies, eds., Codify: Parametric and Computational Design in Landscape Architecture, (London ; New York: Routledge, 2018).
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Ann Lui, “In the Wake of the City: Elmgreen & Dragset's Dream of Public Space at the Whitechapel Pool” in Laura Smith et al., Elmgreen and Dragset: This Is How We Bite Our Tongue (London: Whitechapel Gallery, 2018).
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Nick Axel, Nikolaus Hirsch, Ann Lui, and Mimi Zeiger, eds., Dimensions of Citizenship (Los Angeles, CA: Inventory Press, 2018).Read Online︎︎︎ or Full Book︎︎︎

Ann Lui, “Reading After Beloning in the Heartland,” in James Graham et al., eds., And Now: Architecture Against a Developer Presidency (New York: Columbia Books on Architecture and the City, 2017).
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Gediminas Urbonas, Ann Lui, and Lucas Freeman, eds., Public Space? Lost and Found (Cambridge, MA: SA+P Press, 2017).Full Book︎︎︎

Ann Lui, “Data Dreams: The Computer Group and Architecture by Spreadsheet, 1967-84” in Laura Allen and Luke Caspar Pearson, eds., Drawing Futures: Speculations in Contemporary Drawing for Art and Architecture (UCL Press, 2016).Full Book︎︎︎

Ann Lui, “Book Review: Pornotopia: An Essay on Playboy’s Architecture and Biopolitics,” in Journal of Architectural Education, September 7, 2016.

Ann Lui, “Command Line: The Computer-Aided Office,” in Eva Franch i Gilabert, Michael Kubo, Ana Miljacki and Ashley Schaefer., eds., OfficeUS Atlas (Zürich: Lars Muller, 2015).Full Book︎︎︎

Nathan Friedman and Ann Lui, eds., Thresholds 43: Scandalous (SA+P Press, 2015).
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